Why Do Distribution Centres Need LPS 1175 Fencing?

How we shop has been changing over the last decade and this has only been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With Amazon sales rising by more than a quarter in the first three months of the year. This trend is also likely to outlast the crisis.

Trust in online shopping has increased as a result of the pandemic, so not only has volume increased but the value of goods being shipped has also increased.

With the reliance on distribution centres increasing, we discuss below why Distribution Centres should consider investing in tested fencing systems…


Does a Distribution Centre Need a Tested Fencing System?

Distribution Centres handle all sorts of goods, from online order fulfilment to raw material stock for businesses. These items can range in monetary value, but they are all valuable to the receiver.

So what would the ‘cost’ be of a successful break-in?

  • Lost, damaged or stolen items
  • Disrupted and late deliveries
  • Reputation damage as customers lose confidence in your service

The above consequences of a break-in could be highly damaging for your or your client’s reputation, therefore we would advise investing in an independently tested fencing system.

The main benefit of an accredited security fence to a customer is you know exactly what you’re getting. It has been independently tested by a reputable third-party accreditation so you know it will perform as promoted.

As a commercial facility, we would advise using the LPS 1175 as your security accreditation.


What Is The LPS 1175?

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) has worked with industry and insurers for more than a century to set standards that ensure the effectiveness of fire protection and security products and services.

In recent years, the LPCB’s LPS 1175 (Loss Prevention Standard) has gained recognition for the specification and confidence of intruder-resistant building components and perimeter systems, such as high-security fencing, gates, turnstiles, covers, and cages.

LPS1175 has become popular since it is simple to understand and use. To protect all goods and the reputation of distribution centres, things must be done to keep intruders out.

As the value of goods being shipped from distribution centres are increasing, thieves are having a greater incentive to steal.

To increase your security you can opt for an LPS 1175 accredited fence which will ensure intruders are kept out and your goods are safe from being stolen or damaged.



How Is The LPS 1175 Tested?

A fence or gate will be physically tested to a standard that specifies the allowable toolset and minimum attack time at each classification level to receive a certified LPS 1175 Security Rating.

To pass, a fence must be able to keep a human from breaching its fabric and structure, which is represented by an oval test block (measured 400mm major axis by 225mm minor axis and at least 300mm long).

The LPCB regularly updates the standard to stay up with the current security trends and attack methods, with Issue 8 being released in 2019 as the most recent iteration.

Why Do Distribution Centres Need LPS 1175 Fencing?

The table shows a matrix of product classifications. These classifications show the tool kit that was used and the time it took to complete the task in minutes.

In January 2019, LPCB issued Issue 8, their most recent version of the standard, in which the toolsets were upgraded to reflect the increased accessibility of tools. The SR references in the table refer to the old security ratings, which were the only ones accessible in previous versions of LPS 1175. The new matrix method helps users to assess and mitigate dangers in a more realistic manner.



When it comes to keeping your distribution centre safe, we would advise referring to LPCB’s LPS 1175 as it is simple to learn and use. It is the most widely accepted forced entrance standard in the United Kingdom, and it’s gaining international acceptance at a rapid pace.

We have a large choice of fencing and gates at Barkers Fencing that have been tested and certified to LPS1175 by the LPCB, assuring the best level of security for your distribution centre.

If you are looking for a palisade security fence for your distribution centre, we would advise StronGuard SR2, however, if you are looking for a mesh security fence we would advise SecureGuard SL2X. Both of these security fencing systems are available with accredited swing and cantilever gates and turnstiles.

With over 12 years of expertise in designing and producing high-security fencing and entrance security, you can be confident that you will receive expert advice tailored to your unique needs.

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