TwinGuard SL1 vs. SecureGuard SL1 Security Fencing

Over the years, mesh fencing has seen many advancements in the security it can provide, with systems being accredited by independent testing bodies.

Although tested fencing systems cost more than standard systems, it gives piece of mind that if attacked it would deny access to the perceive threat.

A product accredited to LPS 1175 A1 (previously SR1) will prevent an opportunist attacker using basic tools from gaining access for more than 60 seconds. It’s ideal to deterring and denying access to anti-social behaviour and opportunists.

Two such variants of mesh fencing are the TwinGuard SL1 and the SecureGuard SL1. Both have been stringently tested and offer protection to any moderate-risk secure sites, such as police facilities, airports and ports, schools, and both industrial and commercial premises.

As both mesh security fences offer the same level of accredited protection, trying to find the differences between them may not seem simple.

So, if you’re asking yourself “Which is the best system for my site?”, we will discuss the benefits of each SL1-rated fencing system and discuss which one is best for you.



Strength and Durability

Both the TwinGuard SL1 and SecureGuard SL1 have achieved the same security rating, under the LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board).

Both fences have achieved LPCB’s LPS1175 A1 accreditation (previously known as SR2). This certifies that the fences provide exceptional performance, resistance, and integrity against attacks by bodily force and basic tools for over 60 seconds.

This kind of testing ensures the TwinGuard and SecureGuard SL1 are prime solutions for those looking for a way to deter an opportunistic threat.

Key Features

Whilst both TwinGuard and SecureGuard SL1 perform the same in both threat mitigation and prevention, they have key differences that set them apart.


TwinGuard SL1 Mesh Security Fencing

TwinGuard SL1 uses Barkers’ durable TwinGuard 868 Mesh Panels, which are incredibly durable and have achieved a tested security certification.

The TwinGuard SL1 is constructed to be durable, cost-effective, and efficient. This is due, in part, to its simple clamp bar fixed system, which provides excellent security without the need for additional security accessories or fence toppings.

In addition, its lightweight panels are easy to transport and move, making installation a simple process.

These features combined mean the TwinGuard SL1 is a notable security solution and a strong aesthetic choice, too. With features such as base-plated posts and razor wire topping, the TwinGuard SL1 can be configured to suit any site and can be stepped to accommodate sloping ground of up to 21°.


SecureGuard SL1 Mesh Security Fencing

Offering a more premium fencing alternative, whilst still being affordable, the SecureGuard SL1 uses Barker’s SecureGuard 358 security fencing panels.

The strength and durability of this fencing system have been widely used as a demarcation solution for police stations, ports, data centres, and utility plants over the years.

The small mesh apertures present in the SecureGuard SL1 make it very difficult for potential attackers to climb and even harder to cut, as it is very difficult to manoeuvre a cutting tool between the spaces.

With great visibility for CCTV and being able to cope with a sloping ground of up to 21°, the SecureGuard SL1 is an ideal choice for those looking to mitigate unauthorized access or vandalism.



The Lifespan of Security Fencing

Unless otherwise specified, mesh panels are frequently pre-galvanized. This means the wire in the mesh panel has been galvanized, and the excess zinc has been removed, leaving only a thin layer behind.

Zinc corrodes at a rate of 1-2 microns per year on average in the UK, so pre-galv products typically contain 12 microns of zinc. We would recommend a powder coating to extend the life of pre-galv mesh panels.


Both TwinGuard SL1 and SecureGuard SL1 provide sites with high levels of security, both boasting noteworthy accreditations by the LPCB. TwinGuard is the cheaper solution, however SecureGuard 358 is the sturdier, more premium fence due to having more wires and smaller apertures.

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