What Solutions Are Available for Water Treatment Works Security?

Looking for high security fencing and gates can be a mind field, especially when you’re responsible for ensuring the facility that provides drinking water for millions of people is secure.

Like most products, different types of fencing and gates have different features, which lend themselves well to different environments.


Why Does My Water Treatment Works Need LPS 1175 Security Rated Products?

Water UK Standard for Security Arrangements for Operational Assets (SSAOA) –  is the benchmark for safe water regulation. It advises that water treatment works choose LPS 1175 rated security solutions.

Such products have been extrinsically verified to withstand a range of physical threats, ranging from substantial bodily force to multiple, experienced attackers with chainsaws and petrol grinders.

By utilising LPS 1175-rated products to protect your water treatment plant, not only are you facilitating proven, effective physical security, but your site will be much more attractive from an insurance perspective?

Based on the perceived level of threat and consequence if a breach were to occur, Water UK advises Water Treatment sites to utilise LPS 1175 security tested products. Water treatment sites provide the UK with access to clean, accessible water. It’s something we all take for granted, but when you consider that over 66 million people rely on it, you can understand why water treatment sites are so valuable.

Threats range from intentional poisoning of the water supply to accidental contamination caused by natural disasters (such as adverse weather) or pollution. If any of this were to occur, you can imagine the catastrophic consequences for our nation.




LPS 1175 Rated Security For Your Water Treatment Works


Perimeter Security For Water Treatment Plants

Beginning with perimeter security, you have the option of choosing from LPS 1175 palisade security fencing or mesh security fencing.

We have blogged extensively about the differences between the two, but to summarise:

Mesh security fencing is better suited to flat land, due to its rigid mesh panels, any sloping or uneven ground will mean the fence needs to be stepped or buried.   It is sometimes preferred in residential settings or places that aim to provide an inviting perception. They are sometimes considered more aesthetically pleasing, so will be selected on this basis rather than their compatibility with a site.

Palisade security fencing provides a resilient and robust solution that looks formidable. Depending on the finish, palisade may also have a longer life span than mesh fencing.

Palisade security fencing is better suited to more rural locations where the ground may be uneven. Barkers high-security palisade can cope with sloping ground up to 30 degrees without the need for on-site modifications such as steps.

Once you’re into LPCB certified products, there’s very little difference in price.


Entrance Security For Water Treatment Plants

It is reasonable to expect that the entranceway to your water treatment works may be unmanned for periods of time during the day and night.

It’s therefore crucial that your entrance security effectively control ingress and egress so unauthorised persons can’t access the site. Your entrance security should uphold the same security rating as to your perimeter security so that it is not a vulnerability.

Accredited by LPS 1175, Barkers TurnGuard Pro, a high specification turnstile provides confidence and assurance that your unmanned pedestrian entrance has a high degree of protection against unauthorised and forced entry.

For LPS 1175 vehicle entrances you have the option of swing gates, cantilever gates or bi folding gates. At this point, you can decide whether your site will require automatic gates. Automatic gates are ideal for entrances where the gates need to open and close often and are great for convenience.

One thing to consider with automatic gates is the impact of the weather conditions. If your site is in a particularly windy location, this may affect the operation of the gate – especially in bi-folding gates and gates with larger openings where there is more room for movement. Your perimeter is only secure when the gate is shut, so ensuring your automatic gate is fit for purpose is essential.



LPS 1175 certified products will give you peace of mind that your water treatment site is secure.

To find more about the LPS 1175 rating, click here.

Alternatively, get in touch with an expert to discuss upgrading the perimeter security for your water treatment plant.