Security Fencing: The Importance of Correct Installation

Barkers offers a quality check style service for all their high-security products at the end of the installation process. A qualified expert is tasked with walking the entirety of the perimeter to inspect each section of the fencing system and ensure correct installation.

Your perimeter’s security fencing system needs to be fit for purpose in the unfortunate event of an attack or trespassing attempt.

It seems like an obvious statement at first glance. Of course, your fencing system should be able to deter or prevent unauthorised access. However, ensuring that your fencing is fit for purpose is an ongoing process that begins at the initial site audit, right through to installation and long after.

Accredited security fences in particular can only perform to their specified ability if installed correctly. Regardless of the extensive list of accreditations and testing, your security fencing system must be installed properly and by an approved installer.


The Dangers Of Incorrect Security Fencing Installation

Perhaps the most important side effect of the incorrect installation is that the fencing system will not be able to effectively deter an attack or break-in attempt.

For example, Barker’s StronGuard RCS is the only standalone PAS68 impact tested palisade security fence, capable of stopping a 7.5tonne vehicle travelling at 30mph. Its clever design means that it doesn’t use huge foundations to be effective, instead, the impact is absorbed in the fencing’s framework.

If the framework is incorrectly installed, just one weak point could jeopardise the entire system. The same is true for all security fencing and unfortunately, we often see specifiers investing in high-quality security fencing and then corners are cut on installation – Leaving the fencing potentially null and void.

For your security fencing system to perform, the fencing system MUST be installed as certified.

Most trusted fencing specialists will offer trained installers or installation training to ensure it is installed to the manufacturer’s exact guidelines.

In addition to training, Barkers offers a quality check style service for their high-security products at the end of the installation process. A qualified expert is tasked with walking the entirety of the perimeter to inspect each section of the fencing system and ensure compliant installation. To support this records must be kept by the contractor to comply with the fence inspection.

This further support offers clients the assurance that the fencing system has been installed to the manufacturer’s specifications and guarantees efficacy in the event of an attack.


How To Ensure Correct Installation Of Your Security Fencing

If you are looking to specify your own security fencing system for your site’s perimeter, always ensure that your fencing is installed by a trained professional.

Some fencing manufacturers also offer on-demand video tutorials and manuals, which outline each step of the installation process. These are worth checking out, even if you are allowing a certified expert to carry out the installation, as they may come in useful during the maintenance checks you perform down the line.


When Should I Get My Security Fencing Installed by An Expert?

The simple answer is: Always.

Regardless of whether you are specifying standard perimeter fencing or high-security variants that are accredited and certified, you should always ensure installation is carried out correctly.

By specifying perimeter fencing which is incorrectly installed you are essentially wasting your money.

Products like Barker’s SR2 palisade security fencing is rigorously tested by LPCB to LPS 1175 B3 (previously known as SR2). This certification ensures that it provides heavy-duty resistance and protection for up to 3 minutes from an persistent  attacker using mechanical tools.

However, to perform as intended under this certification, the system must be installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions – otherwise, there may be non-conformances in the fence.

The same goes for HVM products, these should been installed to PAS69 standards.



By investing in a security system for your perimeter you must also take on the responsibility of ensuring correct installation. Failure to do so could result in making your site vulnerable to unauthorised access or attack, which could affect your business and reputation.

Fortunately, there are a few security fencing specialists who offer expert installation alongside their certified security products. We would always advise that you invest in this level of expertise to ensure you get the most out of your system.

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