SecureGuard SL2 X Mesh Vs. StronGuard SR2 Palisade

When it comes to high-security fencing solutions, you’ve probably heard of both mesh and palisade. They have long been the go-to choices for sites requiring high-level protection and threat mitigation.

Over the years, product developments have seen many advancements in the construction of mesh and palisade fencing.

Barkers have created two market-leading variations on the traditional mesh and palisade fencing, SecureGuard SL2 X and StronGuard SR2 respectively.

Both security fencing systems have been rigorously tested and offer protection to all sorts of sites, varying anywhere from Airports, Data Centres, Utility Plants or Schools.

So which is the best high-security fencing solution for you? In this blog, we will highlight the key benefits of both the SL2 X and StronGuard SR2 systems, so that you can choose the best product for your site.


Strength & Durability

We must start by stating that these systems have achieved the same security rating. They are both accredited by LPCB’s LPS 1175 B3 (previously SR2).

In recent years LPCB has gained momentum for being all-encompassing and universal. It is being adopted by schools, healthcare facilities, the water industry and data centres to name a few.

An LPS1175 B3 rated product will prevent an attacker using mechanical tools from gaining access for more than 3 minutes.


Security standards may be seen as a means to an end to ensure your security measures are compliant with the threat. However, there are also personal benefits to seeking out fencing that has been tested with common security standards.

Having security solutions you can trust will give you peace of mind and avoid any nasty surprises down the line in the unfortunate event of trespassers.

Both types of fencing are capable of protecting high-value assets and sensitive sites. So let’s see how each system achieves its durability:


SecureGuard SL2 X Mesh Fencing

SL2 X achieves LPS 1175 B3 accreditation without the need for additional security features like most other mesh systems. Instead, it benefits from 10mm diameter vertical wires to provide its strength. This clever design ensures the durability of the fence comes from the panels themselves, meaning no need for additional steel to strengthen the system.


StronGuard SR2 Palisade Fencing

Standard palisade has received criticism in the last few years after videos circulated of how easy it is to breach a palisade fence with simple tools

To create a high-security product, StronGuard SR2 is a 2.5mm ‘W’ pale system, utilising a high load anchor. The pales are also much closer together making it much more difficult to get a tool into attack the pales.

The robustness of the StronGuard SR2 system has been tried and tested so it is capable of meeting the high-security requirements of government buildings and public and commercial premises alike.

Key Differences

The SecureGuard SL2 X’s mesh panels are large and rigid, and despite being lighter than comparable mesh systems, a 2.4m height panel weighs 94kgs.

SecureGuard SL2 X must be installed flush to the floor. If the ground is uneven or sloping, the mesh must be buried to comply, which necessitates additional digging and concrete.

Importantly, the post centres on SecureGuard SL2 X are shorter than on StronGuard SR2, so the SL2 X requires 10% more holes to be dug.

StronGuard SR2 is delivered in small pieces to make it easier to handle, but the installer must insert the rails into the posts and pale up using our specialist rivet and rivet gun. This system can handle sloping ground up to 33 degrees without the need for any on-site modifications.



Mesh panels are frequently pre-galvanised unless otherwise specified. This means the mesh panel’s wire is galvanised, and the excess zinc is removed, leaving only a thin layer behind.

This procedure is also carried out prior to the wire being cut to size. Pre-galv products typically contain 12 microns of zinc, and zinc corrodes at a rate of 1-2 microns per year on average in the UK. To add a couple of years to the life of pre-galv, it must be powder coated.

Whereas palisade fencing, such as StronGuardSR2, is hot-dip galvanised and has a zinc coating of approximately 70 microns. Palisade fencing can then be painted or powder-coated.

Due to the small apertures in mesh it’s very difficult to hot dip galvanize. The alternative to enhance the lifespan of mesh is to specify a galfan coating. A galfan finish will protect the surface for a similar length of time to hot dip galvanizing and leave you with a much better product. But it comes at a cost; a galfan finish will add around 15% onto the price of the system

Extra Benefits

Whilst both systems provide high-security levels of protection, they do differ in several ways and each offers its own unique benefits.


SecureGuard SL2 X Mesh Fencing

SL2 X’s clever design removes the need to add any additional expensive security features to the fencing system to achieve accreditation. This makes SL2 X mesh security fencing one of the most economical B3 tested systems on the market and considerably cheaper than double skin systems or alternatives with anti-cut bars.

It also avoids the common installation issues you may face with mesh fencing, as the SL2 X is also easier to handle and much lighter than comparable systems.


StronGuard SR2 Palisade Fencing

StronGuard SR2 security fencing provides sites with the classic visual deterrent of standard palisade, whilst boasting a high level of security, making it suitable for demarcation purposes.

Sites with unique ground conditions can often cause installation issues with standard fencing systems. However, the StronGuard SR2 can easily cope with up to 33 degrees of sloping, removing the need for on-site alterations.



Both SecureGuard SL2 X Mesh and StronGuard SR2 Palisade security fencing offer incredible credentials when it comes to high-security solutions. Therefore, when looking for the right system for your site, their unique features and aesthetics will help you decide the right for you.

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