Barkers are passionate about providing perimeter security solutions which meet the latest security threats ranging from theft through to terrorism. Secured by Design – the official police security initiative have recently endorsed the credibility of our independently tested high-security fencing products by accrediting our StronGuard™ range.  

Secured by Design work alongside the Police Force in the UK to improve the security of buildings by accrediting and recommending products which are manufactured with proven crime prevention techniques. They started working with industry bodies and manufacturers but they now partner with a multitude of government bodies, standard authorities and trade associations to ensure the upmost compliance and authority.

The preferred police specification certificate is often a specified accreditation for a product from architects and clients as it is nationally recognised for providing quality and protection against forced attack.

We are proud of our Secured by Design membership as it provides reassurance that all of our tested products have undergone independent testing by certification authorities such as CPNI, LPCB, PAS68 and ASTM.

Our products which are included in the Secured by Design ‘Preferred Police Specification’ status include;

TwinGuard SL1

SecureGuard SR1

SecureGuard SL2

StronGuard™ SR2

StronGuard™ SR3




By registering with Secured by Design, Barkers fencing accredited security products are now available to a much larger market sector. Within days of registering we received our first secured by design project.


Russell Ridgway

Russell’s security career began in 2006 when Barkers were tasked to develop a highly secure fence to prevent security breaches at a high profile mine in Papua New Guinea.

At the time Russell was managing Barkers Fastener division, playing a pivotal role in the development of StronGuard. Due to the success of StronGuard, Russell became Business Development Director for our high security products.