The aim of perimeter security is to reduce crime and protect assets. Premises such as school, utilities, airports and medical facilities need guarantees that security measures are going to perform. This is where Secured By Design, as well as certifications, comes into the picture.

Secured by design was introduced in 1989 to help provide expert opinions to those requiring security products, set up by the police force following a rise in criminal activity.

For a product to be “secured by design” it must be a quality product that can achieve the Police Preferred Specification award, which is the recognised minimum standard for a product to be Secured By Design.


What Is Secured by Design?

Put simply, Secured by Design (SBD) is a police security initiative, that serves to improve the security of buildings and their surroundings, to ensure the safety of anyone who uses them.

SBD product accreditation scheme highlights police preferred specifications and provide a recognised standard for all security products, rating their ability to reduce crime.

There are hundreds of companies working across 30 crime categories that are producing attack resistant products that have all achieved police preferred specification, and Barkers is one of them.



Why Choose Secured by Design?

Where Secured by Design products and materials have been used, it has been proven that there is a 75% reduction in the likelihood of being burgled and a 25% reduction of criminal damage.

Secured by Design products also have proven cost-effective due to the savings in insurance and damages they bring over time.

We are proud of our Secured by Design membership as it provides reassurance that all of our tested products have undergone independent testing by certification authorities such as CPNI, LPCB, PAS68 and ASTM.

Our products which are included in the Secured by Design ‘Preferred Police Specification’ status include;

TwinGuard SL1 – certified to LPS 1175 A1

SecureGuard SL1 – certified to LPS 1175 A1

SecureGuard SL2 – certified to LPS 1175 B3

SecureGuard SL2X – certified to LPS 1175 B3

StronGuard™ SL2 – certified to LPS 1175 B3

StronGuard™ SR3 – certified to LPS 1175 C5

StronGuard™ – certified by CPNI

StronGuard™RCS – Certified to PAS68 30mph

TurnGuard Pro – Turnstile certified to LPS 1175, A1, B3 C1 & C5

SlideGuard Pro – Cantilever Gate certified to LPS 1175 A1, B3 & C1.



It is important that the industry has initiatives such as Secured by Design, as it allows specifiers to know your product is recognised by experts and ensures your product is up to a high quality.

This is essential when it comes to high-security fencing, as it is important to protect the assets inside the premises. Having a scheme like Secured by Design, partnered with the appropriate accreditations helps customers have the peace of mind that the product they are using is up to the required and expected standard.

However, different sites require different levels of protection. If you’re unsure as to what level of security is best for you,  Get in touch to discuss your operational requirements or arrange a free site impartial consultation to help you decide the best security fencing for you or your clients.



Russell Ridgway

Russell’s security career began in 2006 when Barkers were tasked to develop a highly secure fence to prevent security breaches at a high profile mine in Papua New Guinea.

At the time Russell was managing Barkers Fastener division, playing a pivotal role in the development of StronGuard. Due to the success of StronGuard, Russell became Business Development Director for our high security products.