Keeping students safe is the most important element of specifying security measures for school.

Often, school gates are the initial layer of defence that sets the tone for a secure learning environment.

Beyond their role as entry and exit points, school gates serve as protection for those within the premises, controlling access and delineating the boundary between safety and vulnerability.

Specifying these correctly can be the difference between putting students in danger, and keeping them safe.


The Dangers Of Incorrectly Specifying Your School Gate


Not only might you be going against legislation, but by incorrectly specifying your school gate, you could be putting students and staff in danger.

Here are the most common concerns for not only specifiers, but parents and guardians.

  1. Children Getting Stuck

If a school gate is to be working incorrectly, a child can easily get their head, or even lock themselves, inside the gates. This is unfortunately quite a common occurrence, so it’s imperative that the fencing works correctly.

  1. Ensuring Safety Devices Are Installed

Many school sites have automatic gates to ensure swift and easy access to the premises for those with access.

However, if these gates don’t have the right security devices, many accidents can occur. From wrongful entry, to students getting stuck in the gates.

  1. Visibility

By specifying a gate that has the wrong design for your premises, you could create issues for:

Monitoring: Teachers and security staff need to see what’s happening outside the gate. If it’s not clear, it becomes a blind spot.

Safety: Students or staff might get hurt if no one can see what’s going on outside the gate. This creates a health and safety risk.

Security: If people can’t see through the gate, once inside an attacker has a limited risk of being seen.

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Gate Safe Legislation: Making School Gates Safe

Gate Safe is a registered charity, founded specifically to improve the standard of safety for the installation and maintenance of automated gates and barriers.

This covers housing developments, schools, commercial premises and residential settings.

Gate safe provides clear recommendations for gates at schools:

  • Thorough Risk Assessment by Trained Installers Before Installation
  • Use at Least Two Safety Devices
  • CE/UKCA Marking for All Gates
  • Routine Maintenance Every Six Months
  • Training for Manual Operation
  • Routine Checks by Staff

By adhering to these recommendations, you can feel confident that your gate is efficient in keeping students safe.


Improving Security: Technologies For Boosting School Gate Safety


Utilising technology to benefit your gates is a key way to not only protect your students, but to streamline your entry processes.

Using CCTV to watch the entry points to the school is not only a fast way to see who’s entering the premises, but also enables you to record behaviour occurring on your premises.

By integrating your CCTV into access control, you can make CCTV start recording when someone tries to use their credentials at a specific point.

You can set it up so that the system raises an alarm if someone tries to break in using someone else’s credentials.

Ultimately, this will give students, parents and staff more confidence in their gating system.

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Designing Gates For Safety: Essential Considerations


Once you have satisfied requirements, such as those from Gate Safe, and added technology into your gating system, you must consider the design of your gate.

Importance of Clear Visibility:

Clear visibility ensures that security personnel and staff can keep a vigilant eye on activities outside and inside the school premises. It helps maintain a secure environment and allows for quick response to any unusual situations.

Designing for Easy Evacuation:

Emergencies are unpredictable, and having a clear path for evacuation is crucial. A well-designed gate ensures that the evacuation process is smooth and doesn’t create bottlenecks.

Considerations for Individuals with Disabilities:

From wheelchair accessibility to considering the needs of those with mobility challenges, a thoughtfully designed gate ensures that everyone can enter and exit the school without facing unnecessary barriers.

Specifying Back-Up Hinges:

As part of the BS 1722 standard, a gate cannot be reliant on 2 hinges. Barkers Fencing specifies gates with a third hinge fitted, to ensure protection.




From the dangers of inadequate security, to the seamless integration of technologies like access control and CCTV, and the thoughtful design considerations for visibility and accessibility, each element contributes to safeguarding your school community.

A well-secured school gate is not just a physical barrier; it’s a symbol of dedication to creating a secure space for education.

If you are looking to specify the right school gate, please get in touch with a member of the team at Barkers Fencing.

We can discuss your project needs, and ensure that the right fencing and gates are specified to keep your students safe.




Why Is School Gate Security Crucial?

School gate security is vital because it serves as the primary defence against unauthorised access, ensuring the safety of students and staff. A well-secured gate not only deters potential threats but also sets the foundation for a secure learning environment.

How Does The “Gatesafe” Legislation Impact School Gates?

The “Gatesafe” legislation introduces rules for enhancing the safety of automated gates and barriers on school sites. One significant requirement is the use of three hinges instead of two, providing an extra layer of security. Whilst GateSafe isn’t law, if an accident were to happen the HSE would be looking into whether the school did everything responsibly possible to protect pupils and staff.

What Technologies Contribute To Enhanced School Gate Security?

Technologies such as CCTV cameras, access control systems with keycards and biometrics, and intercom communication play a crucial role. When integrated, these technologies create a proactive security system.

Why Is Gate Visibility And Transparency Important?

Clear visibility through school gates is essential for monitoring activities both inside and outside the premises. Transparent materials and designs not only maintain visibility but also add strength to the gate structure.

How Does Gate Design Contribute To Safety And Accessibility?

Gate design directly impacts safety and accessibility. A well-designed gate facilitates easy evacuation during emergencies, and thoughtful considerations, such as using transparent materials, ensure visibility.