Protecting Your Site From Accidental Vehicle Impact

During risk assessments, we often look at the threats from theft, terrorism and espionage. However, if your site is on a high-speed road, a ‘bad’ junction or bend, it may be worth considering the risk of accidental vehicle impact…

Vehicle impact can damage your critical or valuable assets, or worse endanger people’s lives so it’s important to ensure your site is protected.  Read on to find out more…


Accidental Vehicle Impact

As awful as it is, people have accidents in vehicles every day. Perhaps the driver has a medical reason causing them to lose control, or they might have tried to swerve to avoid something in the road.

Also, your site might be at the bottom of a steep road, which people may struggle to stop at the bottom of in poor weather conditions, further increasing the risk of accidental vehicle impact.

If a vehicle is able to access your site, it could damage your reputation. Depending on your function this could be a number of issues, it could show weaknesses in your security, or people may not feel safe.

Because incidents like these happen, it’s worth considering the risk to your site, let’s look into potential impacts…


The Potential Impact

When looking at the impact, the initial strike involves the exterior of the vehicle crashing into a site’s security fencing.

The weight of the cars or objects, the pace of movement, and how quickly the vehicle stopped are all factors to consider.

These factors influence the amount of force applied, with speed having the greatest influence. The weight of a vehicle increases the amount of force in proportion; however, speed increases the amount of force massively, considerably affecting the potential severity of the impact.




Protecting Your Site With Security Fencing

There are a number of reasons for requiring a security fence, but they all serve the same objective in several situations – safeguarding the assets within a facility.

Most of the time, security fencing is designed to protect premises from individuals. However, impact tested fencing can protect against forced entry and vehicle impact. To find an impact tested fencing system, you need to look for one that is accredited by PAS68, ASTM or IWA-14.

The benefits to an impact tested fencing system is that they look just like a standard fence, they’re ideal for limited space and they’re just one system for forced entry and impact.

StronGuard™RCS is an all-in-one perimeter security system to prevent vandalism, trespassing and accidental vehicle impact.

This palisade fence is able to stop a 7.5-tonne vehicle travelling at 30mph in standard fence foundations.

It is also a highly secure palisade fence with no foot holes and is fixed from the back using a high load anchor making it difficult to climb or attack.


British Standards and palisade security fencing

The StronGuard RCS also abides by British Standards. This refers to a recommended quality standard that all UK products should be manufactured to, which enables the StronGuard RCS to be recognised as a high-quality product by its governing bodies and customers.

British made products are renowned around the world for their quality, hence the “Made in Britain” tag being so prestigious. By choosing British Standard palisade you are getting a more rigid product that will be harder to breach.



Unfortunately, accidents happen, so it’s worth considering what the consequences would be if a vehicle was to accidentally hit your fence and premises.

Impact tested palisade fencing can be used to stop a vehicle before it damages your assets or harm your people.

To find out more about how the StronGuard RCS can protect your unique site, contact us today.

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