Mesh Security Fencing: TwinGuard SL1 

Barkers TwinGuard SL1 is a cost-effective yet highly secure fencing system, using our durable TwinGuard 868 Mesh Panels with a tested security certificate.


It is a hard-wearing and appealing fence system, used for moderate risk security sites in conjunction with CCTV monitoring such as; police facilities, airports and ports, schools and industrial and commercial premises.


With Barkers’ expertise in the fencing industry, we designed this system with the stringent testing procedure in mind – the latest LPS1175 Issue 8 A1 standard – and engineered our TwinGuard SL1 system which withstood an experienced attacker with basic hand tools for over 60 seconds.


A simple clamp bar fixed system, coupled with light-weight panels ensures the ease of install, whilst maintaining its aesthetic features as well as its security rating. This product can be configured to suit any site with features such as base-plated posts and razor wire topping, and can be a stepped to cope with sloping ground up to 21°. Available in heights ranging from 1.8m to 3.0m, this system offers the flexibility to suit specific requirements, and as with all of Barkers’ LPS1175 rated fences, a wide range of inward and outward opening swing gates manufactured in-house to British standard.


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Fence Height (m)Panel Size HxW (mm)Panel Weight (kg)Wire Diameter  (mm*)Post centres (m)Post Section (RHS)
1.8200 x 50378 x 62.5260x40 inters
60x60 corners
2.0200 x 50418 x 62.5260x40 inters
60x60 corners
2.4200 x 50498 x 62.5260x40 inters
60x60 corners
2.7200 x 50618 x 62.5280x40 inters
60x60 corners

*Wire diameters are nominal

Alternative heights of this product are available. Alternative heights are sold ‘in principle of LPCB SR1’


  • High Security – Rigorously tested by the LPCB to LPS1175 – Issue 8 A1 (SR1) standards
  • Accredited by Secured by Design
  • Sturdy ‘868’ mesh panel is easy and quick to install
  • Exceeds British Standard – BS 1722 Part 14:2016
  • Powder coated in range of RAL colours
  • Can be stepped to follow contours of the ground up to 21°

Essex and Suffolk Water

Suffolk, United kingdom


Eric Wright Group

St George’s Quay, Lancaster





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