StronGuard SL1 Palisade Fencing

Barkers’ StronGuard™ SL1 is a palisade security fencing, which has been tested to LPS 1175 A1 (SR1) to prevent an opportunist attacker with bodily force and basic tools from gaining access for more than 60 seconds.

This palisade security fencing delivers the classic visual deterrent and ease of install as standard palisade, but goes a step further to delay attacks and offer sites protection from thieves, vandals and anti-social behaviour.

Whilst standard palisade appears intimidating, the fixing between the pale and the rail actually provides limited security. To create StronGuard SL1, Barkers have developed a specialist threaded fixing which withstands the fine tuned testing of LPS 1175 for more than 60 seconds.

This system is the easiest of its kind to install with no specialist tooling or training required – StronGuard SL1 installs just like a standard palisade fence. There is also no
need to thread the pales through the rail, avoiding the potential for powder coating damage.

Additionally, the fencing system can easily cope with up to 33 degrees of sloping without the need for onsite alterations.


Fence Height (m)Pale TypesPale Thickness (mm)Post Centres (m)Post Sections
1.8-3.0W2 / 2.5 / 32.75100 X 55 RHS

The table above shows our standard specification. We also make all products to client’s specification and requirements. Our team can assist where necessary in designing your desired solutions. For more information contact us.


  • Accredited to LPS 1175 A1 (SR1)
  • The easy deploy with no specialist tooling or training required
  • Installs like standard palisade fencing
  • Suitable for ground with up to 33 degrees of sloping
  • ‘W’ pale palisade



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