Palisade Security Fencing: Stronguard™ RCS

Palisade Security Fencing: Stronguard™ RCS

Palisade fencing is known for keeping unauthorised people out, but what if we told you it can also stop vehicles, whilst looking like standard palisade security fencing? Barkers’ StronGuard™ RCS is the only standalone palisade fence accredited by PAS68 to stop a 7.5 tonne vehicle at 30mph.


Originally designed to protect Critical National Infrastructure from increasingly frequent and severe hostile vehicle attacks. StronGuardRCS is now protecting multiple sites around the world from hostile and accidental vehicle impact.

StronGuardRCS crash rated fencing is currently being used to protect:

  • Data centres across the EMEA, APAC and Australia
  • The UK rail network from road vehicles. Road vehicles getting onto and obstructing the tracks present a risk to rail passengers and staff.
  • A school after two accidents where vehicles crashed through the fence and landed on the playing field.


StronGuardRCS, crash rated fencing is ideal for sites that:

  • Would like subtle protection from vehicle impact – From the front of the fence StronGuard RCS looks just like a standard palisade fence
  • Have limited space for foundations – StronGuardRCS achieves its crash rating using standard palisade fencing footings.
  • Require a single solution to keep people and vehicles out


As a variation of our StronGuard™, our CPNI tested fencing system, StronGuard™RCS  crash rated fencing is engineered with anti-cut technology, making it resistant to impact from saws, cutting, hammers, jacks, levers, power tools, and hand tools.

This heavy duty security fencing is easily combined with other security measures which include:

  • Toppings
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detective System (PIDs)
  • Electric fences


Having these security measures form a comprehensive physical stronghold.

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Palisade Security Fencing: Stronguard™ RCS


Fence Height (m)Pale TypeTypical Pale Thickness (mm)Post centres (m)Post Section (RHS)
1.8D3*2.75 120x80
2.4D3*2.75 120x80
3.0D3*2.75 120x80

* Also available in 3.5 & 4 (mm) thick pales

Standard Foundations: 450mm sq hole (inters) and 600mm sq hole (corners/ends)

Impact Classification

PRODUCTVehicle Weight (kg)Vehicle typeTest Speed (kph) Impact Angle (°C) Penetration (m)   Dispersion of major debris (m)
StronGuard™RCS 25:
V/2500 [N1G]/48/90: 0.0/0.0
StronGuard™RCS 75:
V/7500 [N2]/48/90: 3.5/0.0


  • High-security fencing solution
  • Accredited by Secured by Design
  • No visible fixings
  • The only palisade fence to provide PAS68 certification
  • ‘D’ Profile
  • Fix from the rear with a high load anchor
  • Tools provided for installation
  • Can be installed on sloping ground up to 30 degrees without requiring alterations on site
  • Assembled on site
  • Galvanized to British Standard EN ISO 1461 – 2009
  • Powder coated in range of RAL colours
  • Can be fitted with the following toppings:
    • Barbed wire
    • Razor wire
    • Electrified fence 
    • PIDs and PIDs systems


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Barkers is a member of HS Security, which is a division of Hill and Smith Holdings Plc, an International group of companies.

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