High Security Fencing: StronGuard™ MA

High Security Fencing: StronGuard™ MA

StronGuard™ MA is the latest high-security fencing development in perimeter fencing. This demarcation solution is designed for the protection of security assets that comprise a country’s critical national infrastructure and is ideally suited to remote locations, including those in the desert, and highly populated cities.

Barkers recommends StronGuard™ MA, our tested fencing systems for the most sensitive sites, including:

  • High-security fencing for petrochemical installations
  • Airport security fencing
  • Tested fencing system for military bases
  • Heavy-duty security fencing for utility plants
  • Security fencing for rail infrastructure
  • Fencing security for government buildings

StronGuard™ MA is a robust, resilient and heavy-duty fencing system with a combination of Barkers’ mesh security fencing and palisade security fencing products.

This unique structural integrity provides unrivalled performance in delaying attacks on critical national infrastructure from:

  • Hand tools
  • Jacks
  • Cordless cutting tools
  • Petrol cutting tools
  • Thermal cutting equipment

StronGuard™ MA is also free from stepping aids to help mitigate unauthorised access by foot.

StronGuard™ MA can be flexible to your requirement, with three levels of protection available depending on your security requirement.

Customers can also choose from a 2.4m or 3m height and T or Y shape toppings. Our dedicated team manages your project end-to-end, and we work with a trusted network of skilled, professional surveyors and contractors to give you the peace of mind that your perimeter solution is secure as can be.

StronGuard™ MA is independently tested to meet ASTM F2781-15 standards and holds the following accreditations:

  • ASTM F2781-15 M10
  • ASTM F2781-15 M10-A5
  • ASTM F2781-15 M32.8-A11.6

Swing gates manufactured to British Standard are available to match.

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High Security Fencing: StronGuard™ MA


Fence Height (m)Pale TypeTypical Pale Thickness (mm)Panel Size (H*W m)Wire Diameter (m)Post centres (m)Post Section (RHS)

*Wire diameters are nominal


  • High-security fencing designed for the protection of security assets which comprise a country’s critical national infrastructure
  • Accredited by Secured by Design
  • Suited to remote and highly populated locations
  • Combination of mesh and palisade
  • No stepping aids
  • Independently tested
  • 358 mesh 
  • Two heights 2.4 and 3 metre
  • T Bar or Y Toppings
  • Accreditation to ASTM F2781-15 standards

Lovell Partnerships

Wythenshawe, South Manchester


Essex and Suffolk Water

Suffolk, United kingdom


Magnox Power Station

Essex, United Kingdom


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