Mesh Security Fencing: SecureGuard SL3X

SecureGuard SL3X is our latest development in mesh security fencing and has passed attack testing by the LPCB to LPS 1175 C5 (SR3).

The panel consists of a double skin of our SecureGuard SL2X panel, which has 10mm diameter vertical wires making cut through problematic.

This smart design means the fence will prevent a persistent attacker from gaining access for more than 5 minutes.

Being double layered, SecureGuard SL3X banishes the need for additional, expensive anti cut bars, usually found on LPS 1175 B3 (SR2) & C5 (SR3).

Barkers’ new innovative fixing system means that most of the fixings are not accessible from the outside of the fence, and to prevent pulling the panel upwards, SecureGuard SL3X is buried 150mm in the ground.

For extra deterrent against climbing, the panels can be curved outwards 250mm from the top of the panel, creating an overhang, or can be supplied with other anti-climb toppings. Check out the datasheet for more information.

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Fence Height (m)Fixings per postFence Panel Weight (kg)Post centres (m)Post Section (RHS) (mm)
2.41894.22.52980 x 80 x 3
3.0221182.529100 x 100 x 3

Alternative heights of this product are available. 


  • Certified to 1175 C5
  • Double skin of 358 mesh with 10mm vertical wires
  • No anti cut bars required
  • Few visible fixings from the front face of the fence

Essex and Suffolk Water

Suffolk, United kingdom


United Utilities

North West of England


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