Mesh Security Fencing: SecureGuard SL2X

Mesh Security Fencing: SecureGuard SL2X

SecureGuard SL2X is our high-security, 358 mesh fence which has achieved LPS 1175 B3 (previously SR2) & LPS 1175 C1 certification. This means it has been tested and certified by LPCB (part of BRE Group) to prevent a persistent attacker using mechanical tools from gaining access for more than 3 minutes and it will prevent an experienced attacker with powered tooling from gaining access for more than 60 seconds.

To achieve this rating, the panel has 10mm vertical wires, which are more difficult to cut through than the typical 3.8mm wires found in standard 358 mesh fencing.

The 10mm vertical wires are integrated as part of the mesh panel itself, so there is no need for additional steel strengthening strips or using two mesh panels (like many other LPS 1175 B3 mesh fences on the market).

The smart design means that the strength of the system comes from the mesh panel itself rather than additional features which can be costly.

This makes SecureGuard SL2X security mesh fencing one of the most economical LPS 1175 B3 & C1 tested fencing systems on the market and is a more elegant solution than comparable double skinned systems.

All this smart innovation means that the fence panel is simpler to manage than many of the bulky alternatives on the market, along with enabling class-leading see-through visibility for CCTV and guarding.

Extra-wide clamp flats secure the mesh panel to the posts, with two fixings at each point for extra security. Thick vertical wires and small spaces between them  make the system difficult to cut through.

If your perimeter also needs protection from hostile vehicles, SecureGuard SL2X can be combined with Bri-Fence SL2X. Providing a single line of defence against forced entry and hostile vehicles. Bristorm Zero achieves M50 P1 (will stop a 6,800kg vehicle at 50mph with less than 1m penetration). Check out the datasheet for more information.


Panel: Pregalv and polyester powder coated in your choice of RAL colour.

Posts: Hot dip galvanised and polyester powder coated in your choice of RAL colour

Marine coating or plastic coating also available on request.

Available in heights of up to 4.2metres. Heights above 3.0 metres will have a double lift. 2.4metres is the minimum height available to achieve LPS 1175 B3 (previously SR2) rating.

Available with the following entrance security products to complete perimeter:

  • Inward and outward opening single pedestrian gates
  • Inward and outward opening double pedestrian gates
  • Inward and outward opening single vehicular gates
  • Inward and outward opening double vehicular gates
  • Manual cantilever sliding gate
  • Automatic cantilever sliding gate
  • Turnstile
  • Automatic HVM cantilever gate
  • Bi folding gate

*All gates manufactured to British Standard

BIM Models available on request from


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Mesh Security Fencing: SecureGuard SL2X


Fence Height (m)Fixings per postFence Panel Weight (kg)Post centres (m)Post Section (RHS) (mm)
2.41894.22.52980 x 80 x 3
3.0221182.529100 x 100 x 3

Alternative heights of this product are available. 


    • Certified to LPS 1175 B3 (previously SR2) & C1
    • 358 mesh with 10mm diameter vertical wires
    • One of the most economical LPS 1175 B3 & C1 fencing systems on the market
    • Lighter than comparable systems
    • Aesthetically pleasing single mesh panel
    • Extra-wide clamp bar fixing
    • Exceeds British Standard – BS 1722 Part 14:2016
    • Powder-coated in a range of RAL colours
    • Can be stepped to follow contours on the ground up to 21°

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