Mesh Security Fencing: SecureGuard SL2

Mesh Security Fencing: SecureGuard SL2

SecureGuard SL2 mesh security fencing is Barkers’ leading 358 security mesh system, having successfully surpassed the stringent testing requirements of the LPCB’s B3 (SR2) testing regime to the latest LPS1175 Issue 8 standard.

The 358 security fencing prevented intrusion for more than three minutes by an experienced attacker with tools of a higher mechanical advantage, such as:

  • Bolt cutters
  • Claw hammers
  • Drills


This was achieved with a single panel of 358 mesh and no on-site assembly was required. The panels strength to meet the accreditation comes from the anti-cut bars and fixings.  In addition to this, SecureGuard SL2 also achieved an LPS 1175 C1 certification, providing defence for 1 minute against category C tooling – a range of powered tools including:

  • Drills
  • Gas torches
  • Crowbars


As the only B3 (SR2) fencing system in the UK to provide the additional C1 level of security, SecureGuard SL2 high security fencing offers the best possible combination of value, quality, and protection available at the ratings requested on the project.

The installer simply installs the SecureGuard SL2 fencing like  a standard 358 mesh fence with mechanical assistance – a 2.4m panel weighs 130kg and a 3m panel weighs 160kg. The mesh security fencing is not only lighter than comparable mesh SR2 fences, but it also requires no on-site assembly, making this system the quickest system to install.

Thanks to Barkers’ 150 years of engineering experience the mesh security fencing system can cope with sloping ground up to 21°. It’s also available in several configurations such as bolt down, concrete in and with a variety of anti-climb toppings.


If you have already specified, installed, or purchased Barkers’ SecureGuard SR1 tested fencing systems which is accredited to A1 then a simple retrofitting operation can increase the security level to the B3 (SR2) accreditation on SecureGuard SL2 fencing, should your site require defence against increased attack.


LPS 1175 certified inward and outward opening manual swing gates and turnstiles also available to match.



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Mesh Security Fencing: SecureGuard SL2


Fence Height (m)Panel Size (mm)Fence Panel Weight (kg)Post centres (m)Post Section (RHS)
2.476.2 x 12.5 x 41302.4490 x 50 inters
80 x 80 corners
3.076.2 x 12.5 x 41602.4490 x 50 inters
80 x 80 corners

Alternative heights of this product are available. Alternative heights are sold ‘in principle of LPCB SR2’


    • Certified to LPS 1175 B3 (previously SR2) & C1
    • Pre-assembled ‘358’ mesh panel is easy and quick to install
    • Additional, vertical steel bars prevent cutting
    • Extra-wide clamp bar fixing
    • Exceeds British Standard – BS 1722 Part 14:2016
    • Powder-coated in a range of RAL colours
    • Can be stepped to follow contours on the ground up to 21°
    • LPS 1175 Turnstile available to match
    • Swing gates manufactured to British Standard are available to match

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