Mid Platform Safety Railing

Mid Platform Safety Railing

Mid platform safety railings and gates are low security, general-purpose demarcation suited to station platforms with passing high-speed trains. Barkers’ mid platform safety rail fencing systems are used by Network Rail and its operators across the UK to make stations safer places.


Featuring a single lace bow top or vertical bar, available in heights up to 1.5m and manufactured from rigid and durable materials, mid platform safety railings effectively discourage the public from approaching tracks and reduce accessibility to high-speed platforms.


They form a physical platform barrier which prevents movement between lines serving stopping trains, and adjacent lines serving non-stop, high speed trains. Rail operators choose this product to reduce the chances of people in distress from accessing tracks serving high speed trains, and to protect the public from accidentally getting too close to dangerous tracks.


Securely lockable manual sliding gates are available to help operators to maximise station capacity during peak times.


This railing fencing system is secured in concrete or base plated to surface mounting, and comes with heavy duty welded steel caps, to ensure resiliency and resistance against vandalism and cutting.


Check out a Network Rail case study where the mid platform safety railing was used.

Swing gates and cantilever gates manufactured to British Standard are available to match.


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Mid Platform Safety Railing


  • Delivers low security
  • Available in heights up to 1.5m
  • Sliding gates available for maximising area capacity
  • Attractive, classic single lace bow top or vertical bar, ideal for public environments
  • Secure in concrete or base plated to surface mounting, event between platforms
  • Heavy duty welded steel caps for resistance against antisocial behaviour
  • Can be tailored to your requirements

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