Operating at twice the speed of automatic swing gates of the same size, FoldGuard Bi-folding speed gates are the perfect solution when vehicles are required to enter and exit quickly. The quick and smooth operation of FoldGuard bi-folding speed gates reduce the time of which the site is vulnerable to unauthorised entry.


Perfect for uneven ground and where space is limited, as the folding of the gate leaf requires less space when open, and omit the need for tracks. A wide range of commands come as standard and can be configured on the high-spec control panel.


With a maximum width of up to 10metres, each gate is manufactured to your bespoke requirements with infills to match all fencing systems (mesh, palisade & railings). Your custom gate will be manufactured specifically to your requirements, arriving to you pre-assembled on a hi-ab lorry ready to be lifted into place and commissioned.


Our knowledge in this industry has allowed us to expertly design FoldGuard bi-folding speed gates so that they are high performing, easy to install and low maintenance. As standard, all of our automatic gates are fully compliant to the latest safety standard BS/EN12453, including safety edges and photo cells to retract should the gates detect any entrapments.


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Stainless steel gate leaf and tower.
All components are galvanized or zinc plated steel.
10m maximum span
2.4m maximum height
Single phase
240v 50Hz 10 Amps


  • Moves at twice the speed of a comparable standard swing gate
  • No track required
  • Fully compliant to BS/EN 12453
  • Opens in circa 3-8 seconds (speed depends on size and infills chosen)
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Operates in temperatures from -30 to +55
  • CE approved
  • TUV approved
  • Manufactured bespoke to your requirements
  • Infills to match any of our fencing range

Additional Security Features

  • Barbed Wire
  • Razor Wire
  • Electrified Fence
  • Anti-Climb Spikes
  • Traffic Lights
  • Warning Siren


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Eric Wright Group

St George’s Quay, Lancaster


Essex and Suffolk Water

Suffolk, United kingdom


Lovell Partnerships

Wythenshawe, South Manchester


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