Acoustic Barrier Posts

Acoustic Barrier Posts

Barkers manufacture noise barrier posts, alternatively known as acoustic barrier posts, to effectively alleviate unwanted noise arising from roads, railway lines or industrial applications. There is a particular demand for this solution in residential areas near to transport infrastructure or manufacturing, where excessive noise would cause disturbance.


With business and industry under increasing pressure to better assimilate with and take account of its surrounding communities, noise barrier posts serve as a valuable tool for improving reputation whilst making longer or unsociable operating hours possible.


Our highly controlled and skilled production processes ensure that Barkers noise barrier posts are CE marked. This makes them suitable for public highways projects that aim to reduce noise pollution and improve the quality of life for those residing in close proximity to roads.


We manufacture to match all types of reflective or absorptive acoustic panels, whether timber or composite material. A wide range of steel sections and fitment options are also available to suit heights of up to 6m.


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Acoustic Barrier Posts


  • 1.8m up to 6.0m or manufactured to your exact requirements.
  • Stopper plates, holes, welded and loose cleats
  • All sections of IPE, RSJ, UC, UB and RHS available.
  • Posts can be cranked, baseplated, wall fixed or concrete-in.
  • Posts manufactured to fit all reflective or absorptive panel systems
  • Can be CE Marked upon request

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