We’ve been back to our roots over the past few months manufacturing two large tanks for our galvanizing pre-treatment baths. It’s a testament to our experienced team that we’re able to manufacture such items in-house.

We called upon John Meigh, one of our highly experienced fabricators and John Faulkner, John’s apprentice back in 2010, to manufacture two new tanks for our galvanizing plant. John Meigh has a wealth of experience when it comes to projects like this. He joined Barkers back in 1970 when we were manufacturing mining equipment for all of the local mines and made our original pre-treatment tanks in 1991 when our galvanizing plant opened.

Manufacturing the new tanks has given John Faulkner the perfect opportunity to learn from John Meigh’s extensive knowledge and skillset for large projects such as this one. John Meigh is retiring next year and hopefully John Faulkner will carrying on working on such projects with the knowledge and experience he has gained from John.

Each tank measures 3.5m(H) x3.4m(W) x6.4m(L), weighs 9.6 tonne and one holds 49,000 litres of hydrochloric acid and the other tank will hold 49,000 litres of heated degreaser. Materials are submerged into these baths before they are galvanized to remove any oil or grease that is present on the steel (read more about the galvanizing process). Our fabrication shop is well equipped for moving large items, our gantry cranes were used to manoeuvring the tanks around the fabrication shop.

To protect the two tanks they have been coated in fiberglass to stop the chemicals from damaging the tanks over time. To prevent damage to the fiberglass, the bottom of the tanks have been block paved to provide an additional protecting layer.

Watch the time lapse video of our 28 year old tanks being replaced for the new ones our team manufactured in-house.


We’re proud that many members of our team are long-serving. They bring their extensive knowledge and experience from our history in engineering products for the mines such as tipplers and coal breakers. It is this skill and experience that enables our team to manufacture bespoke and high-performance solutions as well as providing industry knowledge from 40 years in the fencing market.