Retail & Industrial

Retail & Industrial

Barkers is proud to work with the retail and industrial sectors in safeguarding their premises, product and people with our demarcation products, specially designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional.

Retail and industrial sites are hotbeds of human activity with diverse security needs. Certain areas need to be restricted and a high concentration of people means that a successful attack could have unthinkable consequences.

Retailers also balance other complex requirements, which must be satisfied in equal measure. They hold large amounts of stock on-site but must maintain a welcoming environment that’s not overtly secure. Stock is also arriving and being processed in open areas at all hours of the day, with much of it stored in holding areas away from supervising eyes.

Our products help to secure boundaries and protect the safety of people working in and using retail areas, whilst adding an extra level of security to business operations and stock management.

Industrial sites are also in constant receipt of raw materials, many of which are targeted for their high value. Therefore, retailers and industrial companies are attractive to thieves. Barkers’ products provide the necessary demarcation and security boundaries to protect business operations and profits.

We find that our StyleGuard VB, StyleGuard DTV, StyleGuard R, ProGuard, TwinGuard, VGuard, SecureGuard358, Palisade, SR1 Mesh and Acoustic Barrier products are most effective in retail and industrial environments.


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Secured by Design

BY Russell Ridgway
June 13, 2019 | News


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