High Security Fencing For Nuclear Power

High Security Fencing For Nuclear Power

The nuclear power industry has the most strict and complex safety procedures and requirements in operation, and it’s critical that these are followed and met without compromise. Many nuclear power plants and businesses working closely with nuclear put their trust in the quality and resilience of Barkers products, and the minute attention to detail applied by our colleagues.

Unauthorised access, attack or a breach can have catastrophic consequences for site employees and the surrounding environment and population. It’s also essential that entire sites are free from contamination and that access to certain areas of the plant are restricted to only a select few.

Unfortunately, nuclear plants are high-risk targets for attack too, and every measure must be taken to prevent attempts. The very best external and internal demarcation must be in place, which Barkers is proud to deliver.

We recommend using StronGuard™ and StronGuard™ Plus products for nuclear requirements. Our most popular products used throughout this sector are CPNI and/or PAS68 accredited.


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    BY Russell Ridgway
    June 13, 2019 | News


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