Airport Security Fencing

Airport Security Fencing

Airports and ports face a unique set of challenges when it comes to protecting themselves, their assets, their customers, their colleagues and the general public from undue risk. An inflated age of terror threat has increased requirements for the most robust and advanced airport perimeter security and access control solutions on the market – safeguarding everything from people to airplanes and control rooms.

Global crises are also causing people to enter countries by ever more unsafe methods. With airports and ports frequently forming international borders, governments and businesses demand demarcation free of weak points and suitable for heavy use.

Our airport fencing and port fencing (products) are approved to LPCB, CPNI, ASTM and PAS68 standards and can be seen protecting airports and ports across the UK, Ireland, Northern Europe and Africa.

Barkers are specialists in the manufacture of the highest quality maximum security barriers and fencing products for industries considered to be high risk targets. Our most popular products include Palisade, SecureGuard358. SR1 Mesh, SR2 Palisade, SR3 Palisade, StronGuard, StronGuard Plus, StronGuardRCS25 and StronGuardRCS75.

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    BY Russell Ridgway
    June 13, 2019 | News


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