The Falkland Islands are an overseas territory of the UK, located around 300 miles from the southeast tip of America. The islands consist of a considerable amount of green land and is renowned for its devotion to sheep farming.  

Prior to the decision to invest in the land and project, the area consisted of a tired out and dilapidated pitch, previously used for rugby, and grazing horses. In Stanley, the Falkland’s capital, the Government chose to fund the pitch involved in a larger development endowed by the NSC (National Sports Council). The final development will consist of a 50×50 metre sports hall for indoor football and hockey, as well as netball, tennis, basketball and many other sports. There will also be a 7-9m climbing wall, all together costing the NSC approximately £3m.  

When given this proposal, the National Sports Council were responsible for locating a reputable business to supply their field turf and perimeter fencing to secure their newly developed sport ground. After selecting Tarkett FieldTurf for the ground, the council worked through the UK fencing market, gathering numerous prices and products, to determine the most reputable, reasonably priced supplier. Barkers exhibited the most compatible product, their TwinSports hardwearing mesh system, at an appropriate price, suiting the customer’s needs, and having an experienced export background. 

Barkers supplied 300 metres of their 2-metre high 656 TwinSports, as well as 80 metres of 4-metre high to install either end of the pitch, behind the goal posts. Alongside this, the client opted for 4 pedestrian access gates and a 4-metre opening, double leaf access, gate for any necessary vehicular access to the pitch.  

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