Northumbrian Water provide mains water and sewerage services in the English counties of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and parts of North Yorkshire. Barkers have supplied Northumbrian Water and their sister company Essex and Suffolk Water with LPS 1175 accredited fencing and manual swing gates for a number of years.

Northumbrian Water were struggling with the reliability of their existing automatic bi-folding gates. Snapping chains and poor performance in moderate winds was leaving gapping holes in their security provision, so the decision was made that they needed to replace 16 gates across 6 sites.

After working with Barkers on their security fencing and swing gates for many years, when Barkers launch their new range of LPS1175 cantilever gates and turnstiles, Northumbrian Water reached out as they wanted to work with someone they could trust to give them balanced advice.

Past experience meant reliability was a huge concern for the client, they wanted to do everything possible to mitigate any further problems. We spoke extensively about the tried and tested automation in our automated gates and the client opted for 16 SlideGuard Pro, Barkers LPS 1175 accredited cantilever gates. As with many Water Treatment Works, they are often located in open and therefore potentially windy locations. To mitigate the risk of wind or weight affecting the reliability of the gate, the client chose the lightest possible LPS 1175 B3 accredited infill, Barkers SecureGuardSL2X.

16 cantilever gates with SecureGaurd SL2X infill were delivered to various Northumbrian Water site in line with their program of works. The opening widths of the gates ranged 4metres to 6.1metres.

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