Network Rail – owner and manager of most of Great Britain’s railway infrastructure – approached us on behalf of their various route operators to design and manufacture bespoke Mid Platform Safety Railing complete with manual sliding gates in a bid to make station platforms safer.

Operators required fencing systems that could effectively assist in protecting people from the dangers of any high-speed trains passing through stations. In particular, this type of physical barrier is a fundamental factor in helping Network Rail and its operators reduce the chances of people in distress from accessing tracks serving high-speed trains.

Network Rail decided on 1.5m high Mid Platform Safety Railing to ensure maximum possible performance, which we designed and manufactured in-house. The system was then installed between platforms to prevent public movement between lines serving stopping trains, and adjacent lines serving non-stop, high-speed trains.

The anti-climb railings effectively discourage the public from approaching tracks and reduce accessibility to high-speed platforms. The barrier also gives station staff precious extra time to act if they notice a person in distress. Securely lockable manual sliding gates were also provided to enable operators to maximise station capacity during peak times.

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