National Grid is the high-voltage electric power transmission network serving Great Britain. It connects power stations and major substations to ensure that the public, businesses and infrastructure can access electricity anywhere, and on-demand.

In a climate of heightened probability of premises attack, National Grid sought to further fortify their 22 Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sites with enhanced demarcation security. We were approached to supply boundary protection and chose two variations of palisade fence and StronGuard fence.

Our palisade fencing is specifically designed to meet gas (DH10) and electricity (TS2.2) sites specifications. For substations and gas compressor stations – which are considered to have a higher threat level – we supplied our StronGuard and StronGuard Plus fencing, which are accredited to CPNI base and CPNI enhanced standards respectively.

StronGuard meets the very highest security and safety standards and is tested by CAST (Home Office) and accredited to HM Government standards. It’s manufactured at our UK site with intelligent performance and resilience features such as concealed fixings, which makes it much more difficult for the fencing to be vandalised or breached by people or tools.

We also use reinforced steel, which increases in resistance to attack and provides the National Grid with extra time to secure their internal operations.

Specialist flood defence fencing was also installed due to the National Grid’s particular vulnerability to the effects of water, and their obligation to supply an entire country with power 24/7.

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