Bradwell Power Station is a former nuclear power plant located in Essex, and is currently in a state of partial decommission. It began generating electricity in 1962 and in 2002, after 40 years of operation, was closed for decommissioning by Magnox Ltd on behalf of its owner, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Decommissioning is a long, careful process and as such, Bradwell isn’t set for full clearance until 2083, so effective perimeter fencing that stands the test of time is essential. We were approached by D.J. Goode and Associates Ltd, a leading firm of engineering consultants, to provide the all-important perimeter fencing.

The site needed to be protected with perimeter fencing, cladding and additional safety features. This would guarantee a 25-year life span, with the site demarcation being reviewed and replaced if required after this point. With such high levels of protection, radiation within Bradwell can safely and naturally decay over time.

Over 3000 metres of our StronGuard™ fencing, which is widely used to secure Critical National Infrastructure, was installed along with a number of gates. This high-security, durable and long-lasting system is ideal for the demanding requirements of nuclear decommissioning and meets all necessary CPNI accreditations – so safety can be guaranteed.

“Just wanted to let you all know that the Security Fencing works were brought up at yesterday’s Magnox Lead Team review and praised highly for the quality of the work (materials & install) and the efforts you are all making to ensure a safe and swift delivery. Chris Hall, Project Manager 

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