The M3 is a motorway, approximately 59 miles long, in the UK. It runs through numerous counties’, including Surrey, containing a village called Shepperton. With the M3 running through the small urban village, numerous complications and risks were caused, in which Milestone Infrastructure were approached to put right.

 The Challenge:

Alike to any other highway, the M3 carries a lot of traffic, as well as noise through all hours. Crossing through such a small village and houses, as well as an SEN school, the issues Shepperton were facing, needed to be resolved. Many housing estates surrounding the highway, called for an immediate reduction in noise pollution, making noise barriers imperative within the project.

The Solution:

As stated above, noise barriers were the evident solution to the noise pollution problems in Shepperton. Milestone Infrastructure chose Littlewood Fencing to complete the installation of noise barriers. Littlewoods are a returning customer of Barkers, consequently we were chosen to be the supplier of their CE marked noise barrier posts, providing just under 300 meters to be installed along the East-bound and West-bound carriageways, to reduce noise pollution in the village of Shepperton.

Littlewoods designed the specification of the posts which we manufactured to suit their system. Alongside the above, beside the road were 4-4.5 metre ditches, making the area for the fence line extremely uneven for installation.

 Regarding a resolution to the ditches, due to the levels and the conditions of the ground, Littlewoods designed the system with additional bracing beams spanning two panels, securing a central post where the ground couldn’t take it.

With being CE marked, Barkers noise barriers are suitable for any public highway projects, aiming to reduce noise pollution, to better the quality of life for residents residing on surrounding roads in the village.  

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