When Barkers were asked to assist on a Data Centre project in Barcelona, the team mobilised and began work right away. With tight deadlines and previous experience working with us, the contact reached out to Barkers to ensure a smooth solution for their client, needing a fencing specialist they could trust and rely on.



The Challenge:

The data center had been identified as at risk from a ‘persistent attacker using mechanical tools for at least 3 minutes’. An LPS1175 B3 (Previously SR2) mesh fence was specified, as the fence needed to be accredited by the LPCB to meet these security requirements.

As the LPCB proudly state that 95% of products they test fail during the testing process, it was crucial for the client that the final products were fully certified by a trustworthy manufacturer.

Before our involvement, the client had been engaged with a local contractor in Spain who had no experience with LPS1175 accredited products. As a result, they were offering an aluminium rail system, which offered little-to-no anti-personnel resistance.

With the project handover fast approaching at this point, the client sought expert help and through their security team learned about Barker’s experience manufacturing high-security accredited fencing.


The Solution:

Upon our consultation with the client and contractor, it was made clear that the proposed aluminium rail system was not compliant. Looking to overcome a slight language barrier, video footage comparing products under the LPS1175 testing process was shown to demonstrate the importance of certified LPS1175 B3 fencing.

After being shown the differences between standard and accredited fencing, the client chose SecureGuard SL2X, Barkers’ LPS1175 B3 accredited mesh system. They also specified matching swing gates and the SlideGuard Pro cantilever gates to secure the site’s access points.

A key feature the client chose this system for was the single skin of mesh that the fence and gates were comprised of. This single layer meant that the CCTV had clear vision along the entirety of the perimeter, something not always possible with comparable double-skin systems.

The contractor was given translated Spanish installation instructions to ensure the system was installed correctly. However, due to the clever design of the fence, the installation was almost identical to standard 358 mesh, which the contractor had encountered before.

With tight deadlines in mind, the material was delivered to mainland Spain within 6 weeks.

Near project completion, we attended the site to check the installation met the certification requirements. This process is part of our ongoing support for high-security projects and enables us to certify that the perimeter has been installed as tested and certified, and give the client peace of mind.

Overcoming tight project deadlines and language barriers, Barkers were able to deliver a complete accredited fencing system that met security requirements and blended into the surrounding environment, resulting in a satisfied client.

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